J.C Cantave, president of HACEPA, was introduced to the concept of and role of a World Trade Center (WTC) in 1999 by Charlotte Galloggy, president of WTC Miami.

Over the next 10 years Mr. Cantave contacted over 100 individuals within the Haitian community in an effort to come together to open and operate a WTC in Haiti. In 2010, Mr. Cantave along with Gerard Dorcely, Yves Jodesty, Denis Arden and Anthony Box, formed the Haiti-USA Group Corp and were able to raise the funds to purchase a license from the World Trade Centers Association. In 2013, the original founding members were joined by Fritz Armand in the organization.

Their first project, World Trade Center Haiti, is a joint project of Haitians living in the diaspora, Haitians living in Haiti and friends of Haiti around the world.

The World Trade Center Haiti, a member of World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) and serves as a bridge between Haiti and the global business community.