World Trade Center Haiti offers a comprehensive, competitive, unpaid internship program. We cater to a variety of disciplines and skill levels, but there are some universal abilities which are essential for working with us, such as the following:

• Competency in spoken and written English, French and Creole.
• Working understanding of basic computer skills.
• Understanding of professional decorum (phone, computer and business etiquette)
• Ability to work in a diverse work setting with minimal supervision and constantly changing tasks and directives
• A positive and passionate outlook on their role in the program

Applicants who possess these skills are strongly encouraged to consider an internship with us.

Program Logistics

Your internship will last one full semester (typically 12 to 15 weeks), starting from the first week of classes and ending the week before your final exam period.
Morning Shift (9 AM – 2 PM)
Afternoon Shift (12 PM – 5 PM)
Keep this in mind when including us in your schedule.

Project Diversity

As an intern with WTC Haiti, you will be part of a multifaceted, multifunctional, professional task force that provides quality trade information and execution services to several businesses in a variety of industries. The roles you might fill are equally diverse, and can be placed into one of six broad categories:

Clerical: Clerical tasks largely involve answering phone calls from members and affiliates, scheduling appointments for senior staff, maintaining the office’s physical and digital organization and suggesting office upgrades and expansions as needed.

Membership Services: The backbone of our operations is everyone’s job; most of your time with us will be spent following up with established members, updating their contact information, determining their specific needs in conversations over the phone and via email, and ultimately establishing a face-to-face relationship with those liaisons, building credibility for the organization and providing excellent networking opportunities for future endeavors.

Information Technology (IT): In 2013, the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) established a “Digital Platform” to increase online uniformity among our more than 300 offices worldwide. IT tasks focus on improving and managing our local website and ensuring alignment with the Digital Platform; other activities may include upgrading computer equipment, peripherals and software, and establishing friendly relations with our hosting personnel.

Trade Research: The WTCA’s motto is “We Grow Trade”; this is achieved by connecting businesses to the markets and partners they need to increase their profits and participate more in domestic and foreign trade flow. Trade research (or “market research”) activities include keeping abreast of recent developments in specific industries, compilation and presentation of statistical trade data, and remaining informed about country-specific trade regulations (e.g. customs laws).

Public Relations (PR): PR is the art of refining and effectively promoting the WTC Haiti brand at the local, national and international levels. It is a recurring, ever-changing job that allows plenty of room for creativity in advancing the brand. Primarily, PR tasks involve crafting press releases, building rapport with local media outlets, and planning and orchestrating public and members-only events on a variety of topics relative to trade.

Financial: WTC Haiti generates significant income from annual membership dues, event fees, endorsements and donations. Financial tasks include keeping a record of income and expenditures, preparing invoices for members, assisting in the development of fundraising ideas and conducting cost-benefit analysis for a variety of activities.

Please bear in mind that these are not job titles, but examples of the roles you may fill as an intern. If you have a marked interest in any of these areas, we will do everything possible to ensure that you are given tasks that allow you to develop the skills associated with that area of expertise.

Country Report

All interns are required to complete a brief economic report on a country of their choosing. These documents will help us create a database of the world’s economic information – a useful tool for advising members on where their trade ventures will most likely thrive. Reports should be one to three pages long and must consist of the country’s demographic data, major imports and exports, and relevant government officials and agencies.